FASHION FROM ABROAD: All-Black Everything

It turns out blending in with the locals during my stay in Leuven, Belgium was a lot easier than I had originally thought. This is, of course, because I love black. The easiest way to blend in in most European cities, as I have found, is to stick to black and neutral colors when choosing an outfit.

This Fashionista does a perfect job of rocking the all-black look! You may say that all-black seems too bland or too dark and harsh, but in Europe, it’s the way to go. You look sleek and very well put together for any occasion. The all-black or all-neutrals look is a great way to blend in with the locals and still express your personal style. This Fashionista pairs a plain and simple top with a pair of black skinny jeans and black booties with gold buckle accents.  She also sports a black and white blanket scarf because it is pretty chilly in Leuven around this time! Simple, stylish outer layers are also popular in Belgium. A black or beige trench coat or oversized winter jacket will do just the trick. This Fashionista successfully pulls off the oversized black coat with minimal leather accents on the upper arms and shoulders to give it some edge! This simple look is super easy to pull off and makes packing for abroad A LOT easier–trust me! This look is finished off with some simple jewelry and a brown Michael Kors bag. So just remember, as much as we love colors and bright pieces, maybe save those for another trip!

Captured: I ran into this Fashionista leaving the café in the center of Leuven this morning headed to class!