FASHION: Comfy Cute

June 5th, 2017 at 10:26pm

Summer is upon us and we are all dying to hang out with our friends and family, but everyone can relate to the overbearing heat and undeniable discomfort from clothes.  We might just be roaming the streets of our cities or going to a family BBQ, but we still want to look cute. So if we’re going to be out all day, why not be fashionable and comfortable?

My everyday style revolves around comfort. If you see me at school, I’m probably wearing leggings, sneakers and a casual top. This is the same in the summer. My go-to outfit would be a pair of shorts and a basic T-shirt (never adding too many layers) and sneakers. If I’m walking for a while, I tend to compose my outfits based off of my sneakers.

In this look, I matched my white, high-waisted shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch with a vintage Calvin Klein T-shirt to go with my recently purchased CVO Jack Purcells. I had my eye on these shoes for a while but it was never in store, so when I found it online, I bought them almost immediately. The best part about sneakers is that the athleisure trend is becoming more and more popular so it’s easier to find cute walking shoes. My friends and I went to the Noguchi Museum in Queens, New York so we walked for quite some time. These shoes were perfect for the occasion and plus, my favorite part about these shoes are the light blue soles that people can only see when you’re walking.

In addition to the basic white shoes, I’m always carrying a bag of some sort to spruce up my outfit. A little black bag like the one I’m wearing from Pacsun was the perfect way to add a chic vibe to my outfit. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t feel safe unless I have my things tucked away. With this bag, I was able to store my Ray Bans, my camera, wallet, sunscreen and even a portable charger. A tiny bag fit all of these things!

Being comfortable is usually my main concern and if there is anything to help with that, it is a simple outfit paired with cute shoes and a black bag.

How will you be comfy and cute this summer?


  • Jessie Qu

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