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FASHION FROM ABROAD: Black Canvas of Style

May 5th, 2017 at 2:06am
FASHION FROM ABROAD: Black Canvas of Style

Ciao trendsetters! Are you ready for a new look?

This outfit is perfect for looking fierce during the day and is perfect for a night out in Italy. It’s all about the details. With a basic black canvas to work on, you can draw focus to the silhouettes, fabrics, and accessories. The key though is to have well made black clothes. If the fabrics are not good quality, it shows, and you deserve to have one strong all-black look in your closet.

For this student’s style, she decided to go with a skinny black jean with a wool sweater, layered with a leather jacket. What is beautiful about the sweater is the shape of the triangle cut on the end of each sleeve. The leather jacket ends at a 3/4 length, so it perfectly emphasizes this unique aspect of the sweater.

Because the outfit is all black, this student felt free to experiment with accessories. The strongest one is her pink fur neck wrap, which is simply beautiful. Check out your local vintage store (or maybe even Goodwill) to see if you can find a used fur instead of buying a new one. It’s much more sustainable! What I also love about this outfit are the rings she decided to pair together. They look like a double ring, when they are actually separated. The silver animal ring is also so unique; it definitely makes a statement.

Last but not least, the black wool beret is the perfect addition to the look. It frames her face and short haircut, and really emphasizes the cat eyeliner look. This outfit could stay more street style with the black Chuck Taylors, or could easily be dressed up with a pair of black platform boots or stilettos. All this girl needs is a Vespa and she is ready to go wherever life takes her!