6 Braid Styles That You Can Actually Do (We Promise!)

This season brings on a lot more than just nice weather. With the good (like endless sunshine and ice cream trucks on every corner), comes the “not-so-good.” If you’re anything like me, most of the “not-so-good” tends to have something to do with my hair. Humidity; frizz; sweaty strands; styles that don’t last more than a few steps outside the door.

Braids tend to be the most logical and stylish way to contain your mane. The problem? If you have ever attempted any of the braid tutorials you see on Pinterest, you know that most braids that look effortless actually require like 45 minutes, seven sets of hands, and at least two years of beauty school to complete.

Don’t worry, Fashionistas! All hope is not lost. We have found (and tested!) six different braid styles that you can actually do with two hands in no time.

The “Katniss Everdeen” 

This one is super easy because you can watch yourself do it in the mirror. Bring all your hair to one side with a deep side part, and start doing a regular french braid. Keep taking sections from the left and right until you are done. Pull at the braid to make it look extra voluminous, secure it with a hair tie and you are good to go!

The Gladiator

This one is SO easy you can do it without a mirror. Just pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail. Section your ponytail into three sections and just start braiding. When you finish, secure it with a hair tie, pull at the braid for more volume, and you are done!

The Funky Ponytail

This one can be tricky. Take a square section off the top of your head and separate it from the rest of your hair. Start french braiding this small section, combine it with the rest of your hair, and then secure your ponytail! You can even do a regular braid and wrap the braid around the hair tie to hide it and make a cool look!

The Workplace Hairdo

This is SO simple and great when you have to look presentable with no time to spare. Section off the hair framing your face on both sides and then braid the remaining hair while your curling iron is heating up. Pull at the braid for extra volume and curl the sectioned off pieces of your hair away from your face. Just spray some hairspray in it and you are ready for that office party!


The Easy Cornrows

This one is super cool for festivals, and is SO easy to do if you don’t have a mirror. Section your hair into two parts or even three (on the side with less hair according to your part) and braid each of those tiny sections into braid. Secure them with a small hair elastic. Flip up some of your hair onto the other side of your part and bobby pin the braids underneath it. Flip that section of hair back to hide the bobby pins and you are done!

The Combo Ponytail

This one is a combination of the last one. Just keep your braids (or use the same technique) and tie them up in a ponytail and you are done! This keeps a ponytail interesting and funky, and is super easy to do if you don’t want your hair down any longer and need to keep it out of your face!

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