The Easiest Ways to Revamp Your Bedroom

The Easiest Ways to Revamp Your Bedroom

They always say, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In my case, the furniture that once belonged to my great great grandparents and is now mine is the lemon, and the way I chose to work with it and decorate my room would be the lemonade. Although decorating your room on a ramen-and-easy-mac-budget could be considered the lemons, too, being savvy to get the room your Pinterest boards could have only dreamed of could be the lemonade.

 I have always loved spending time in my room; it’s where I do all my homework, relax, hang out with my friends and enjoy some one on one time with myself, but my room has never been decorated the way I’ve wanted. My furniture is brown and vintage, which is not my style at all, and the walls have always been blank which needless to say is less than stimulating. This summer I became fed up with my barren and boring bedroom and took it upon myself to completely revamp it.

One tip for reinventing your room is to add shelves on a blank wall. This gives you a lot of space to bring in some personality through photos with friends, artwork, or just trinkets that have some sort of meaning.

Another easy way to take your room a couple notches up is by incorporating some daily inspiration. I did this by using chalkboard decals on my walls to recreate some of my favorite quotes that I found on Pinterest and Instagram. They add so much life to my room and remind me daily to always stay motivated.

Fairy lights and photographs almost come hand in hand when it comes to decorating. I used pictures from a disposable camera to decorate my wall, but Polaroid photos add the same touch! Incorporating some light with fairy lights will always make your space more charming.

Include a plant or two (or ten if you’re a budding plant parent) in your space to give it some life. They don’t have to be real, but having some sort of green in your room will always make it a more relaxing and tranquil place to relax. Plus it adds a certain aesthetic that we’re all obsessed with right now.

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