How to Dress for an Office Setting

How to Dress for an Office Setting

Working in an office setting means that it is important to look presentable and professional. Whether it is business attire or business casual, it is essential that you wear the appropriate clothing. But don’t worry, dressing for an office setting is not hard at all.

The first thing to consider wearing to an office is dress pants. Never wear skin tight pants or denim to an office. Never wear clothing that is transparent. It is inappropriate and is never allowed in an office setting. Your dress pants should be loose-fitting, but not too baggy. Your pants should never outline your butt or your curves. They should never be too low on your hips either.

Next, a typical button-down shirt is always acceptable for an office as long as it is not transparent. I like to tuck in my shirt for a more presentable approach. You may leave your shirt untucked, but tucking it in shows a cleaner approach. Button-down shirts are a classy but chic way to look presentable in the office. Wearing stripes makes the outfit more fun while still maintaining the professional approach. I personally love button-down shirts with collars to them. Bold colors are great for the office, too, because it shows that you are not afraid to express yourself.

My favorite piece to wear for the office is a nice blazer. Blazers give you an immensely professional aura. They show that you mean business and that you are serious about your job. I like wearing different colored blazers instead of the usual black or brown because it still gives me the ability to express myself without looking too boring. Wearing a bright colored blazer still gives you that Fashionista feel while maintaining professionalism. Blazers just give off that “girl boss” vibe. Blazers with a button-down shirt are always the best approach.

Finally, when it comes to shoes, never wear sneakers, opened-toe shoes, sandals, or stiletto heels. It is okay to wear pumps as long as the heels are not more than an inch high. I personally like to wear flats. I love pointy-toe flats, especially when they’re an unusual color. Shoes help draw the outfit in to make the look more complete and appropriate.

Jewelry is optional. You don’t necessarily have to wear jewelry to an office, but if you do keep it minimal. Don’t wear flashy jewelry, and always keep it simple—studded earrings, one or two rings, a basic bracelet, and a nice statement necklace will make your outfit pop.

Following these steps will not only help you look professional, but you’ll also feel like a girl boss!

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