Dorm Sweet Dorm—How to Decorate Your Dorm or Apartment

Moving into a completely blank room in college can be very intimidating and scary on a college student’s budget. By adding some key pieces to your room, you can transform your lifeless dorm room or apartment into a sanctuary. Here are some of my dorm and apartment picks that will turn your room from drab to fab.

Most dorm rooms and apartments in college have very dull and dim lighting. This can make you feel tired and can make it hard to focus on your work. A few ways to brighten up your room include adding a standing decorative lamp, using string lights or adding a salt lamp.  Plus, salt lamps also add health benefits such as improving your sleep, increasing blood flow and clarify the air.

Dorm rooms and apartments sometimes have a dusty or damp smell to them. A great way to freshen up your room is to purchase an oil diffuser. A diffuser combines water and essential oils to make a room smell great. You can tailor your essential oil picks to your specific needs. Lavender oil can help you relax and sleep, tea tree oil can kill mold in the air, and rose oil can relieve tension and boost your mood. Another quick fix is to light some candles.

Listening to music is always a great way to motivate yourself or boost your mood while doing work, lounging around, cooking or cleaning. Try purchasing a small, cute, portable speaker that doubles as a decor piece. Don’t forget that you can sign up for Apple Music or Spotify Premium with a discounted student rate!

Now for the most important part of any dorm room… your bed! There’s nothing better than coming back from a long day of classes to a comfortable bed. To make your bed more comfortable, try using a mattress topper with feathers or one that is made out of foam. Also, make sure you buy a sheet and comforter set that you love and is easy to clean. Add a little fun to your bed with decorative pillows!

Now that you have the tips to make your room awesome, try it out and snap a pic! Make sure to tag @Cfashionista in your post!