6 Decorating Tricks That’ll Upgrade Your Dorm in Seconds

January 22nd, 2018 at 1:05am

Decorating a dorm room can be difficult. From the residence hall rules, awkward twin XL bed, and standard-issue furniture, creating a space that feels like home can be a major challenge to even the most clever student. To combat this conundrum (and every other problem in my life, TBH) I turned to Instagram to find inspiration for quick, easy refreshes I can make with items I already own. Everyone has their own style and set of living limitations, but these simple décor ideas can be customized to let your personality shine—no major furniture investments required.

Create a Gallery Wall with Unframed Prints

I love this minimal take on the traditional gallery wall, which looks super chic and minimal. By choosing prints with simple white backgrounds and opting not to frame the art, your space will feel clean and bright rather than cluttered. This is also an accessible decorating trick for those of us in dorms with strict regulations on paint chips—simply hang the prints using washi tape to avoid any damage.

PHOTO: @itsandie

Put your Favorite Outfits on Display

Closets are a major point of contention in most dorm rooms, and I bet yours is most likely bursting at the seams. Try adding a rolling clothes rack that can double as decoration. Display your cutest threads on hangers, switching up your selection each season to not only help you see more of your favorite items to wear but to also rotate a new color scheme into your space.

PHOTO: @emmyzobitz

Pin Up a Grid of Your Favorite Photos

Polaroids are my favorite way to add some instant Instagram aesthetic. If you have an instant camera, collect your favorite pictures and create a neat grid on your wall. Have friends sign the bottom or write cute captions on each image to help make the images feel even more personal and remind you of your favorite memories.

Stack Fashion Books to Set a Vibe

Three words: coffee table books. If you’re like me, you drool over Instagram images of glamorous living room tables piled high with fashion tomes, so why not take this trick to your dorm room? Gather up some thrifted books or recent holiday gifts, stack them, making sure they roughly match in their dimensions, and then place your favorite vases or decorative objects on top to finish the look. These artful stacks are super chic on a bedside table, a window sill, or placed strategically on your desk.

Hang LPs to Show Off Your Music Savvy

Have some old records that are too scratched to play? Hang them up as decoration! Vintage vinyl is easy to hang using removable tape or even push pins to hold up the sides. If you want to get really fancy, create a ribbon loop and hot glue it to the record, then attach it to a removable hook or a thumbtack to hang.

Start an Intention-Setting Mood Board

Sometimes, all you need is a visual reminder of where you’re headed. Set the tone for the months ahead by creating a living mood board on your wall (living meaning you add to it as time progresses). Cut out photos from magazines and use mementos from trips to create a gorgeous reminder of your intentions. Use removable tape to allow for regular changes, and consider starting a new board with each new semester to keep your goals in sight and stay inspired throughout the year.

How did you decorate your dorm room? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured photo by @allegraroseb.