DIY Dorm Décor

DIY Dorm Décor

Moving to college is a monumental change in one’s life. One of the most important aspects of being comfortable with the change is making your dorm room a representation of yourself. By having the right décor and planning accordingly, your dorm room will quickly become your safe space, that you will soon love living in.

What you will need for these inexpensive dorm decoration ideas:

1—String. Any type will work! I specifically used old embroidery thread.

2—Pictures. These can include any pieces of paper that you have randomly found and liked.

3—Hooks. Found at most convenience stores.

4—Clothespins. You can buy mini ones at any art or craft store.

5—Old Canvas. This can be new or old, regardless, you are just painting over it.

6—Thumb Tacks. Any color; the longer the top, the better.

I have a tremendous imagination and all of my thoughts are scrambled, therefore, I wanted my room to reflect this characteristic of mine. To represent this, I tried to add as much diversity in color and image to my walls as possible.

To hang all of my pictures, I used command hooks to stick onto my wall (a must for college!) and created three separate rows. I then tied a string to both rows and also added fairy lights. Then I simply hooked small clothespins to the string and spread them throughout. Finding images to hang is the fun part. You can buy art prints, fun business cards, create your own designs, cut out pages from magazines, and use old calendar pages. I even ripped pages out of a few old books!

I also stuck two command hooks across the room from each other at the very top of the wall. I connected the command hooks again with string and fairy lights. Then, I made a few dozen paper cranes and taped them around the string. Cranes are very easy to make by googling a tutorial. You can even use colorful post-it notes as the paper! This adds a beautiful touch to the upper part of your room.

The last DIY. is taking an old canvas, and painting it a solid color. I additionally splatter painted over a black layer of paint. Once dry, you can place thumb tacks onto the canvas by simply poking them through. After this step, you are all set to hang all of your necklaces onto this chic and easy-to-make display!

Want to try making any of these decorations for your own room? Make sure to post a picture on social media and tag @CFashionista!