DIY—Embellished Patch Pouch For Under $25

From DKNY’s overly embellished jeans to Anya Hindmarch’s literal statement bags, high fashion is getting—well—patchy. The most lust-worthy trend seems to be patches—and lots of them. The problem? The cost of these designer looks are almost as outrageous as the over-the-top trend itself.

Never fear! You can create your very own patch pouch with a straight off the runway look for less than $25 with our simple DIY! (Warning—be prepared for all the strangers stopping you to ask where you snagged your one-of-a-kind bag.)


What You Need:

A basic fabric clutch

-Iron-on embroidery patches

-Googly eyes

-Stickers, band-aids and other decorative embellishments of your choice


-Liquid stitch adhesive


How To:

1. Heat up the iron. Make sure the setting matches the fabric of your pouch.

2. Lay out all your decorating supplies.


3. Begin to arrange the patches, googly eyes and other embellishments on the pouch. Be creative!


4. Once you have settled on a design, remove all other embellishments besides the patches. Place a thin towel or old T-shirt over the pouch to act as a barrier between the iron and patches. Iron the embroidery patches on. Move in quadrants, ironing each quadrant for roughly one minute.


5. Once the patches have been ironed on, apply the googly eyes and other decorative embellishments with the liquid stitch adhesive. Let the pouch cool and dry for at least 12 hours.


6. Rock the pouch day-to-night!