This DIY Will Feed Your Choker Obsession

Chokers have been an ongoing trend that we are nowhere near ready to say goodbye to. From thick velvet ones to ones that look like miniature versions of the belts in your closet, the designs and variations just keep adding to everyone’s choker addiction.

There is one specific accessories trend that has grabbed the attention of millions and that is the denim choker. Debuted by Kim Kardashian herself, we are all going to lengths to get our hands on this simple accessory design. But just like every addiction and just from personal experience, extensive choker collections can get pricey. (Pricey to the point that sometimes you find yourself spending more than sixty dollars on a necklace that you may be able to recreate yourself.) With that being said, here is how you can recreate the denim choker with little to no expenses. Take a look and design on!

What you will Need:

1—Denim (most likely from a pair of jeans you no longer care for)


3—A pair of Tweezers

4—Sand paper


Step 1: Cut two strips of denim, one being a lot thinner than the other piece. You can play around with the thickness of the strips depending on what you are more comfortable with wearing. Start off by cutting the desired height of your choker along the vertical hem of the denim.



Step 2: Once you’ve cut your desired height, start cutting horizontally to create a denim strip. Do same two steps for the thinner piece of denim.




Step 3: Once both strips of denim are cut, create two small holes on either end of the thicker strip. This is wear you will tie off your choker at the end.


Step 4: Now it’s time to distress!! To give your denim more of that raw edge look, start pulling at the hems of both sides of your strip with a tweezer. Another way to add more distressing is by creating random distressed slits on the denim. This step may take a while depending on how distressed you want your choker to look.


Step 5: After you are done distressing the ends and creating tears, you can start using the sandpaper in order to add more of a washed out vintage denim look to your choker.


Step 6: Once all the distressing is done, you can now slide the thinner piece of denim into the two holes on either end of your choker and tie it off.


Step 7: Now that your choker is done, it’s time to show it off to the world!