June 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am

School is out Fashionistas! For three months we do not have to worry about homework, exams, or studying! We can spend time with our friends, get a tan, and have fun! One of the best parts about being home is being able to relax and not have to stress over school. Temperatures are warming up and we can put away our winter clothes. Fashionistas, this summer, experiment with your wardrobe and wear something that you would not normally wear but are still comfortable in.

My favorite trend this summer is the off the shoulder top. It can be dressed up or down and comes in so many different varieties! Our shoulders have been hidden all winter and its finally time to bring them out and get rid of the lingering tan lines from spring break.

I saw this Fashionista at a cute café in my town on a beautiful day. She told me that her favorite style is preppy and loves accessorizing simple outfits with colorful purses and her favorite bracelets.

She is wearing a black and white horizontal striped off the shoulder top with black jeans and black flats. This shirt is perfect to wear with skinny jeans on a chilly day or a pair of colored shorts. This Fashionista carried a baby pink Kate Spade purse to add a pop of color to her outfit.

One of my favorite parts of her outfit is her watch that has a world map as the face. It is such a simple accessory but still brings a lot of character to the outfit and it says a lot about this Fashionista and her love for traveling. She also accessorized with different gold bracelets and layered necklaces.

Take advantage of this summer to try some new styles and have fun! I love reading fashion magazines while getting my tan on the beach so I can catch up on the latest trends and think of how I can incorporate trends into my own wardrobe and personal style. Make sure to relax and not stress out about the upcoming semester. Happy summer, Fashionista!