Juicy Couture is making a comeback? Yes, you heard that right. Celebrities such as the Kardashians and Rihanna have been spotted sporting the velour.

When I picture Juicy Couture, it brings me back to the early high school days where everyone had to have the velour and terrycloth tracksuits. Juicy was a statement, to say the least. With large velour bags that said “Juicy” across them, or even sayings such as “I Like Things,” and “It’s exhausting being this Juicy.” As obnoxious as these sayings may sound, when a trend is a trend, you pick which pieces go along with your own personal aesthetic. This Fashionista created a look with Juicy that is both edgy and girly at the same time. This red velour sweatshirt dress can be found at Urban Outfitters. As for Juicy elsewhere, it can be found with the partnerships Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Vetements, Urban Outfitters, and the Juicy website. What is Vetements? Vetements is European—Parisian to be exact. Vetements is also basically a design collective. Demna Gvasalia is the head, having previously worked for Balenciaga. Fun fact: Vetements translates to “clothes” and is pronounced “Vet-MAHN.” But don’t go racing to add these items to your cart, as they aren’t exactly part of the college budget, seeing as they add up to at least a grand. For a more flexible budget, you can style Juicy into the current athleisure trend with Urban Outfitters or Nordstrom, staying comfortable and chic at the same time. Who What Wear has the trendiest assortment of Juicy, including this velour bomber jacket.

This Fashionista is bringing out street style at its finest with perfecting details: pairing this red Juicy Couture X Urban Outfitters sweatshirt dress with some tights gives the look the perfect amount of detail. I absolutely love these tights, also from UO, as they make you do a double-take, looking like tall stockings at first glance. The mix of the sexier tights with the more rugged hoodie is the perfect combo. The pop of red also contrasts against the Gucci sneakers that she finished the look with. This Fashionista got them for a steal while studying abroad at a Gucci outlet. Overall I give this look an A, as Juicy has toned down their look. The “Los Angeles” discreetly written on the front of her top is so much better than having JUICY across the chest.