Denim For The Summer

It never goes out of style.

We all know that summer is here, but we still feel empty because we are not tailgating with our friends. When it comes to festivals or parties, we want to look the best for our Instagram. For instance, Mayfest. The day of Mayfest, as I was strolling through the festival, I found this Fashionista. She stood out from her group of friends as she pulled off this fierce look.

This Syracuse University Fashionista, is wearing a custom denim jacket by Cuse Jackets. She paired her look with a white tank top and denim skirt, and classic Adidas Superstar shoes. She accessorized her look with a pride lariat necklace, aviator sunglasses, and knit choker. Everything in this outfit is simple, but the denim jacket completes it. This hand-painted jacket gives the outfit an unapologetic look, showing everyone that this Fashionista is not letting anyone interfere with her, pushing the haters to the side as she embarks the festival. If you want an outfit that makes you a fierce feminist, try getting these pieces to embolden your look and lift your soul.

Summer is the time where we need to find ourselves and where we make our mark in this world. It’s the time when we use fashion to make a statement, to be unapologetic. That’s a word I love to use for all my girls around the world, claiming themselves as the women they are today. To be a woman in society, you want to be unapologetic because you rule the world, yes, like Beyonce.

If you’re a female that is strong with zero tolerance, you can always depend on a denim jacket to bring out your feminist vibe. If you do not have this in your summer wardrobe, you’re definitely missing out.

Do you have a favorite jean jacket or other bold item you’re wearing unapologetically this summer? Comment yours below and tag @CFashionista in your Instagram photos.