How To Approach Back To School Season When You Aren't Actually Going Back To School

August 15th, 2017 at 2:00am

The summer months often feel fleeting. As August lumbers on, the sentimentality of summer reaches its peak as it dwindles out. The days are shortening, the weather is starting to dip, and everyone is ready to start making their next moves. While there is so much of summer 2017 left, it might feel for anyone who has been in school for the entirety of their lives that the turnover into September still feels like a hard reset.

(Photos via @allyfrancesca)

For recent graduates watching September inch closer, it may feel strange to not return to campus. A lot of people feel that summer is a short-lived stint—reality is sure to come crashing in the moment the sunshine begins to fade and the shorts are packed away. The lack of structure that being a post-grad brings has me struggling to envision my future past September. While some plans have been lined up, everything feels more touch-and-go than the routine university hands to you.

The feeling is scary at first, but taking a leap into something new provides more opportunity for growth. Trying out a new routine to fit your post-grad projects will give you perspective on life beyond college. While this September might leave you feeling a bit thrown off balance, your new structure allows your goals to be spread out further into the future rather than confined to four months of summer. On top of it all, working towards graduation meant working towards a lifestyle that doesn’t necessarily revolve around the school year calendar. This is a new chance to create your own schedule and find a new groove in your hustle.

August may be half-way through, but it’s definitely not over yet. Soak in what is left—literally and figuratively—but remember that summer will always come back around. September isn’t the be all and end all of good times and for any graduates ready to keep coasting through post-grad life, it’s just a continuation of new experiences. Finding nostalgia in the haziness of the summer months is heartwarming, but turning to excitement in what comes next may fill you with more joy than you can imagine.