These Dark Elements Will Revamp Your Summer Beauty Routine

Summer beauty is an area where pretty much anything goes. People can wear everything from yarn to rhinestones to accentuate their natural features. There aren’t restrictions for an acceptable daytime makeup look anymore (although a red lipstick and dark shadow never go out of style). Though some of us aren’t avant-garde enough to wear appliquéd eyebrows or green mascara, there are ways to make bold looks more contemporary. This is what this Fashionista has done with her natural look, accentuating its soft, dark elements flawlessly.

Her look began with a clean base of foundation, post-moisturizer. After contouring her naturally strong cheekbones, she added concealer and a touch of powder bronzer to give her skin a faint glow. After using eye shadow palettes to touch her eyes up, she applied waterproof mascara to make her lashes pop and prevent any makeup mishaps.

This Fashionista’s strongest statement is her black lipstick. With many makeup aesthetics, darker lips can translate to a “goth” vibe and possibly project the wrong image. This isn’t the case with this look; using lip primer made her application of the lipstick smoother and the color more prominent. Paired with the shades of her dark and semi-dark products and silver slip dress, the created effect is more ethereal and romantic than “I’m with the band.” There’s a heightened element of edge, but it doesn’t overwhelm the look. Rather, it complements it to ensure it contains a variety of qualities. Its coordination with her shoes doesn’t hurt, either.

This is a makeup look that most people, with a variety of the same, similar, or different facial products, can wear from day to night. It has the perfect amount of boldness that it can be worn out to lunch, or when paired with the right outfit, a regular work day. When it’s paired with a more casual “going out” outfit, it’s ideal for adding an element of mystery to your ensemble whether you explore nightlife with others or on your own. Overall, it perfectly combines neutral elements to form a bold, current, and transitional look for everyone.

What fresh, new elements are you adding into your summer beauty routine? Let me know in the comments below!