CollegeFashionista Joins Clique Media Group

I’m thrilled and honored to share today that Clique Media Group has acquired CollegeFashionista. I’ve long looked up to CMG’s co-founders, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, for their innovation and dedicated leadership as well as the incredibly successful company they’ve built through big ideas and hard work. I am excited CollegeFashionista has new a home founded on those principles.


When I started this project in my dorm room, I did not have a formal business plan or, truthfully, any clue about what being an entrepreneur really meant. What I did know was that my classmates were daily sources of inspiration, and I wanted to share their creative, unique points of view with the world. From the first 12 students at five schools, our Style Guru internship program has grown into one that impacts thousands of students a semester and reaches over 1,000 schools.

I have learned so much over the years—some lessons were harder than others, but all were equally important. Creating and building CollegeFashionista has taught me that anything is possible if you believe in yourself, trust your team, have passion, and work hard. Of course, there were roadblocks, disappointments, and sleepless nights; all that fueled my determination to prove myself right and reach the audience that has inspired me from the beginning.


The story of CollegeFashionista has never been about me. It has always been about serving and doing more for the CollegeFashionista community and you, the Style Guru. The program has constantly evolved to exceed your needs, build your skill set, and provide you with exclusive career opportunities—all while allowing you to find your voice as an individual in the process. As such, today marks a new chapter for you. By joining CMG, we will be able to scale in a way we could never have before. Get excited for new opportunities, more creative programming, and a host of other surprises to come throughout the semesters ahead.

CollegeFashionista would never be where it is today without the dedication and support of so many people. To the team, family, mentors, and friends who have helped and supported CollegeFashionista and me on this journey, this is a humble thank you. You have done more than you could possibly know.