CollegeDormista—CollegeFashionista's Inspiring Office Makeover

Inspiration comes from tons of different places. Whether it is your travels, friends, favorite TV show, the seasons or even a combination of all of them, having things that inspire you are essential to harnessing your creative spirit.

One place where inspiration and creativity are key? The CollegeFashionista offices! We recently decided that our NYC outpost needed a bit of revamp to reflect the chic, eclectic vibe of what inspires us most—our network of Style Gurus and the Fashionistas/os we feature on the site. We figured by working in a space focused on boldness and originality, this would allow us to think more creatively and continue to push ourselves to make CollegeFashionista bigger and better for our community. (Or at minimum, have a sick assortment of chairs.)

Even if you aren’t an “adult” yet, there are definite takeaways from our office makeover you can use to apply to make your study/working/living space an inspirational haven. Here are our five decor tips for a totally enviable and creative space.


1. Real Life Pinterest: Instead of spending hours pinning quotes and created online boards, take your inspiration offline with a gallery wall. Pull together photos, quotes and images that inspire you. Switch up the sizes and orientation of the images for a truly eclectic look.


2. Mix and Match. Standard furniture sets are so yesterday. Instead, find individuals pieces that speak to you. We let each team member pick out their favorite black chair that spoke to their style and personality. From sleek armchairs to storage stools to leather club style, the variety of styles mixed together creates interest, while the color unifies the look.


3. Personal Touches. What makes your special is you! So be sure to add in personal touches so there is no question this is your space, not your roommates. Big fan of geometric shapes? Pick up desk accessories that have a modern feel. Love fur? Try adding a colored faux fur throw to your chair as an accent.


4. Fashion As Art. One thing that unifies all of us at CollegeFashionista? We love fashion! So we use the content of our closets not only to dress ourselves, but to create visual interest in our space. You can do this too. Are you a shoeaholic? Show off your impressive footwear collection in an artistic manner. Have a favorite handbag? Use it is as a focal point in your room.


5. Make It Work…For You. Think about your use pattern and make sure your space is not only fabulous, but functional. For us at CollegeFashionista, we are always hopping between one another’s desks, scoping out articles on the site, sharing social media finds and connecting on a brand level. So we needed a layout that was open, inviting and allowed us to move around.


We love our new office! Hopefully these tips help you in creating your own personal inspirational space!

A big thanks to Industry West for providing some of our favorite new office pieces!