A College Girl's Guide to a Perfect Staycation

A College Girl's Guide to a Perfect Staycation

With classes out and final exams over, most people assume that that summer is a relaxing time for college students…but that’s not always the truth. Between balancing a job. friends and family. and maybe even summer classes, summer can be a pretty stressful time for college students. The best way to get away and relax is to go on a vacation with your best friends. Even though working every day brings in a fair amount of cash, it isn’t enough to cover a tropical vacation. But not all relaxing vacations have to be extravagant and expensive. Pick a day, grab your best friends, hop in the car, and drive to a place you’ve never been to enjoy a mini “staycation.”

There are so many great places near home that are perfect for a relaxing staycation. They don’t have to be anything extravagant or fancy, just a place where you and your friends can go and get away from all the summer stress. Gardens, lakes, or cute small towns are great places to go and relax for a bit. To make it seem like even more of a vacation, make a killer playlist to jam to in the car. The journey can sometimes be more fun than the destination, so make sure to include to include some throwbacks that get everyone singing and dancing.

It would not be a vacation without photos to remember it by. Make sure to take tons of selfies to show off the fun day with your girls. Polaroids are a super cute way to remember the day—you can write cute messages and quotes on the photos, then, whenever life gets a little hectic, you can look back at the memories. Plus, Polaroid photos  make cute room decorations.

Now, for outfits. The most important thing about a staycation is comfortable shoes, because who knows where the day will take you. Cute sneakers are really trendy right now, and go with pretty much any outfit. They are also perfect for walking around and exploring new places with your best friends.  Sundresses are also perfect for a relaxing staycation—they are comfortable and easy to style and accessorize. (Also, if you end up at the beach, dresses are perfect to put on over a bathing suit). 

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