College Essentials Every Freshman Needs To Know About

When it comes to college move-in, I came, I saw, and I did not conquer. Arriving at my new university in late August, I kept reassuring myself that I had everything I needed; I had more than enough clothes, I had all the toiletries you can name, and I had random, useless knick-knacks. While I did nail most of my checklist, I did forget a few key necessities. Now that I’m settled at school, I’m here to tell you the things you absolutely need, and what I forgot from the POV of a freshman.

Dress Your Best 

If you think you have enough, you don’t. I packed about fifteen going out tops for dinners, parties, and events, and I’ve already gone through the full rotation multiple times. Besides swapping closets with your roommate, I recommend shopping high quality basics that you can style in many different ways for nights out.

Image via Princess Polly

Alden Bodysuit


Image via Princess Polly

Dreaming Top


Keep It Cozy 

This sounds like common sense, but I forgot to bring slippers, and I had to hit Next Day Shipping for some by the second day of college. You don’t want to wear your sneakers for a trip to the bathroom or dining hall. There’s also nothing wrong with dressing down (in a cute way, of course). It’s college, keep it cozy. 

Image via Amazon

Women’s Fuzzy Slippers

Available in Beige, Black, Burgundy, Grey, Leopard, Pink, Purple, Camel, Coffee. $20

Image via Aritzia

Cozy Fleece Perfect Hoodie

Available in 32 colors. $70

Image via Aritzia

Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Basic Sweatpant

Available in 21 colors. $70

Don’t Sweat It

Regardless of what you think, you’re going to sweat … a lot. Especially if you’re going out for the night, it’s key to stock up on products that will stay on through anything. Don’t let the star of the show get messed up in some frat basement; do yourself a favor and invest in a good setting spray. 

Image via Sephora

All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray


Image via Sephora

Hydro Grip Setting + Refreshing Spray


Image via Sephora

Resting Boss Face Waterproof Setting Spray


Stay Fresh

As clean as it may be, your dorm will probably smell bad, weird, or just musty at some point. Keep things fresh and receive compliments from your hallmates by buying an air freshener. There’s nothing like coming back to rest in your shoebox-sized dorm that doesn’t actually smell like shoes. 

Image via Grove

Room Freshener


Image via Nest

Reed Diffuser


It’s easy to forget basics that will make a huge change to your college experience, and as a college freshman, I definitely forgot some. To be honest, I’ll probably be buying stuff I forgot up until the end of the school year. For now, these essentials should elevate your college experience until the next necessary Amazon purchase.

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