The Best Entry-Level Jobs for Writers in the Fashion Industry

May 29th, 2018 at 5:00am
The Best Entry-Level Jobs for Writers in the Fashion Industry

One of the toughest careers to map out is that of the writer who loves fashion. But whether you are into social media, are obsessed with trends, or detail-oriented, we promise the industry has a place for you and your strong suits. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually plenty of careers for writers in the world of fashion—it just takes a little bit of research and some serious thought about what you love and what types of roles are best for you. Are you outgoing and love fast-paced work environments? PR may be a good fit. Do you have a knack for catching typos? Maybe copyediting is more your style. If you’re starting your career as a writer but aren’t sure about your options, keep scrolling for five entry-level careers that may interest you.

For Aspiring Journalists: Editorial Assistant

Average salary: $38,675

Who it’s for: The writer who enjoys multitasking, creating content, and connecting with people. 

The job description: An editorial assistant often works under the editorial director. Typically they perform administrative tasks, research, plan and execute content, and carry out editorial scheduling.

What it’s actually like: “As an editorial assistant, I have various responsibilities and my role is about 50% writing, 50% administrative duties. Sometimes that can flex to 60/40, 70/30, etc. depending on what is going on, so a big part of my job is being flexible. I am often the first touch point for setting up meetings, answering administrative/general questions, putting in event requests, etc. and this is such a dynamic role to be in with tons of opportunities for networking, learning the ins and outs of the industry and enhancing professional skills, especially as it pertains to relationship building.” — Nia Groce, editorial assistant at  

For Content Lovers: Social Media Assistant

Average salary: $49,395

Who it’s for: The digitally-savvy social media addict who spends way too much time on their photo and creating video captions.

The job description: Social media editors are often responsible for creating and managing the social media accounts of a company. They make sure the company is depicted well and in-touch with what’s trending in their particular field.

What it’s actually like: With the news cycle being so minute-to-minute, things are constantly popping up and changing, so we have to react accordingly. I might be working on one thing and have to bounce around between two other projects or stories at the same time. The main part of my job is creating and scheduling posts (videos, photos, and articles) for Health’s Facebook page, as well as their Beauty & Style Facebook page. I also schedule videos on Twitter, make GIFs for our social channels, create headlines and captions, and review social analytics to see how well our posts are doing.

If you’re interviewing for a social media job, highlight your strengths as a writer and show a potential employer how those can carry over into a social media position. No matter what facet of media you’re involved in, impeccable attention to detail and strong writing skills are a must! Digital and social media is changing so rapidly, so we have to change with it. Just being on top of all the updates and understanding how to use all the platforms well is really important. Knowing how to create an appealing Pinterest image or enticing captions is a huge part of the job. If there is a certain brand you want to work for, become familiar with their voice! Showing you can speak to its audience will set you apart.” — Lauren Saxe, social media assistant at Health

For Perfectionists: Associate Copy Editor  

Average salary: $40,609

Who it’s for: The writer that is also a spelling- and grammar-enthusiast, well read, knows what a particular audience requires from a piece, works well on a team, and is detail-oriented.

The job description: Associate copy editors proofread and edit the work of writers based on the style and instructions given to them by their particular publication and chief copy editor. They make sure all final drafts of work are easy for mass audiences to read and are error-free.

What it’s actually like: “I work closely with the other copy editors on our team to develop and streamline my editing process while on tight deadlines. In the morning when I get into the office, I usually go through all of my emails and then review my assignments from the day prior to top-edit my work. After that, I get to work on the day’s assignments and communicate with the other copy editors about daily occurrences or feedback they have for me.

For me, using my best judgment when editing the content our brands produce is crucial. Our readers hold us to a high standard, and if we by chance produce content that is biased, unfair, or defamatory in any way, it can make a huge impact on our readership. Working in copy, you have to have a good sense of these things, as part of our responsibility is to make sure we are putting out content that is fact-based and accurate.” — Brianna Hernandez, associate copy editor at Clique Brands Inc.


For Fast-Paced Writers: PR Assistant 

Average salary: $32,000

Who it’s for: The writer with strong written and verbal communications skills.

The job description: PR assistants do a mixture of administrative tasks, managing, research, writing, and editing. They work to maintain client relationships, write press releases, and develop media strategies in order to make sure clients are seen in a positive light.

What it’s actually like: “The nice thing is that your responsibilities change day by day. The assistant is the one that manages the showroom and team of interns. I keep an inventory of where samples are loaned for shoots, compile status reports and send clippings of press we’ve secured to clients just to name a few duties. You need to know how to write a good email. I probably write up to what seems like 70 emails a day, so it’s important to use proper grammar and spelling. You’re emailing with stylists and editors all day about coordinating samples for shoots so it’s extremely important to stay organized. The assistant is the one that keeps track of clothing sample inventory; therefore, creating lists and reminders on your calendar are crucial. The assistant is hands on with just about everything that happens within the agency. The industry is extremely fast-paced.  It’s important to stay organized and know what to prioritize throughout the day in order to get everything done.  — Alexandra Peacher, PR Assistant at IHPR.

For the Word-Obsessed: Junior Copywriter

Average salary: $61,030

Who it’s for: The creative writer that is organized, adaptable, grammatically-inclined, has research skills, and loves working with new people, products, and brands.

The job description: A junior copywriter often works under the senior copywriter. They name products, write product descriptions, develop creative strategies to promote products, foster a specific style of copy for individual brands, and proofread.

What it’s actually like:Day-to-day I name the new products for the website, write the products descriptions, and write pieces for the blog. And if I have time I help out with anything else copy-wise which needs doing. By the way, ‘copy’ is just basically industry speak for writing! All companies will come with a particular style or image appealing to a certain market. So that tone of voice must connect with that companies market and always, always be consistent. Also, being incredibly detailed is very important, from everything to spelling, grammar, and word choice. We can literally spend 15 minutes picking apart a word, just making sure it’s the most accurate term as possible.” — Darcey Taylor, junior copywriter at

“Having your unique voice that makes your personal writing stand out is amazing, but it’s not the priority when copywriting. Being able to adapt to different voices and understanding how to best serve a customer will prime you for success and demonstrate your versatility. Doing this in innovative ways that provide a fresh take, while maintaining a recognizable presence is how your work will stand out and make your brand even better.” — Trina Cardamone, assistant copywriter at Urban Outfitters

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