How You Can Easily Wear Black Clothes in the Summer

August 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

Black is an essential color in fashion. It’s elegant, it’s simple, and it’s slimming. I can pair black with anything, which is why a large portion of my wardrobe is made up of it. I have accumulated tons of black clothes without even realizing it. My passion for black clothes runs deep, and just because we’re in summer doesn’t mean I’m going to let that love fade away.

One way to wear black in the summer is to get pieces that are on-trend in black. Here I am wearing an off-the-shoulder top, which seems to come into trend every single summer. The shirt is a little cropped as well, though you can’t tell because I am also wearing high-waisted pants. Because it is off-the-shoulder and cropped, it is a perfect piece for summer. On hotter days, you can pair the top with a denim skirt or black shorts. In the summer, you don’t want to spend a long time thinking about what to wear, you just want to get out the door. Having an easy top like this makes finding something to pair it with simple and saves you time in the morning.

Speaking of trends again, another way to make black summer clothing appropriate is pairing your outfit with trendy summer shoes. Currently, I am obsessed with mules. I wish I could have a pair in every color. Something about the mix of a sandal and a chunky heel makes me want to wear them every day. I paired my black outfit with beige mules so I could stay neutral without wearing head-to-toe black. You could also wear colorful mules, such as pink or red mules, to add a pop of color.

To complete the look, I added some dainty jewelry. I can’t be bothered to wear statement jewelry in the summer. I just want something simple that won’t get in my way. Here I wore a small gold necklace. The dainty necklace matches the simplicity of the look. I tend to wear gold with black more because I like the contrast.

Though many believe black is a color that should stay in the winter, I think otherwise. The simplicity that black offers makes me constantly reach for it, no matter the season.

Do you feel the same way about black? Let me know in the comments below.