Business Casual, or Sporting Your Favorite Looks Around the Office

In the past year or so, with working in’n’out of school, offices, and internships, I have come to notice that there is no rule to one type of business wear. I used to see the basic business attire as a pants suit, however, I’ve come to realize that there are definitely more options for styling your looks around the office.

Something I’ve been noticing is that everyone has their own definition of “business wear.” While everyones’ clothes are still office-appropriate, they’re also unique to each person’s personality.


These two outfits are a perfect example of a trendy version of business casual.

Two great-yet-simple looks that still work for office attire. Pairing a fun graphic tee with a classic-style skirt is a fun and easy way to spice up an outfit and add a personal touch. By adding sneakers, it can also give the look a sporty-athleisure vibe.

This Fashionista also showed a great example of making business wear into something more high fashion.

With her baggy culottes and button-up shirt, she created a statement look. Her outfit is a great example of taking the classic button-up, and revamping it to something new. She also paired her look with a perfect pair of mule-style sandals.

Another way to spice up your look around the office is by adding some accessories.

With things like a small purse or even a stylish planner, small things that can add up to create a unique office look. By personalizing your work materials, you are also able to add a bit of fun and fashion to your look…and your desk! My favorite way to style fun work outfits is by tagging my favorite looks in magazines, and try them out around home or work!

Any other stylin’ office attire tips? Tell us in the comments below!