Memorial Day Travel Ideas When You Pretty Much Have Zero Dollars To Spend

Memorial Day kicks off the best parts of summer: white shoes, the end of classes, and vacation season! If you’re a college student, the word “vacation” brings a sudden burst of excitement followed by utter disappointment considering traveling usually entails spending money you don’t have. However, planning a Memorial Day weekend trip can be all sunshine and rainbows (literally) because there are college budget-friendly options are out there.

Kick off summer right with one of these six Memorial Day ideas that even the most scrappy college student can afford.

1—The Super Affordable Option

After being away from all semester, returning to your childhood home actually seems like a vacation. Think about it this way: the accommodations are super personal, the kitchen will serve you anything you want, and there is the most attentive “hotel staff” (aka your parents) ever. (Photo by @astylebreeze)

2—The Chic Option

Even if you aren’t spending your summer interning in NYC, chances are one of your friends is. Take advantage of cheap airfare and a free place to stay by crashing with your bestie in her summer digs in the Big Apple. A lot of locals leave the city for the weekend so the crowds will be less (Photo by @nickolehaymaker)

3—The Magical Option

Let’s be real—no matter how old we get, we will always have a soft spot for amusement parks. Whether you go big by jetting of to Disney or find a local pop-up fair near you, let your inner kid-ult out for the weekend. (Pro tip: rollercoaster then cotton candy, not the other way around.) (Photo by @bluejeanbrdy)

4—The Beach Option

You don’t need to travel to California to hit the beach. A local beach or lake is most likely just a short drive away. Use the money you saved on airfare and put it towards renting a kayak, jet ski, or surfboard to make your trip a true adventure! (Photo by @ximena.adriana)

5—The Road Trip Option

No reservations? No problem. A tanks of gas, a gaggle of girlfriends, plenty of snacks, and a working GPS are all you need for the perfect road trip getaway. (Photo by @alliesarachene)

6—The Outdoor OptionMemorial day doesn’t have to be spent in a different place. Instead, just get outside. Whether you go for a bike ride, a walk, or are just enjoying the sun take advantage of the beautiful weather and earth that’s available to us. (Photo by @tiffanygeovana)

Hopefully these six ideas inspired you to get moving this Memorial day. Whether you are exploring a new a place or somewhere familiar, the holiday is the perfect time to spend with friends and family. (Photo by @mmoor)

How are you spending your Memorial Day? Let us know in the comments below!