"Out of the Box" Professional Fashion

"Out of the Box" Professional Fashion

Does any Fashionista even know how to dress professionally while still keeping their own personal style? I recently got a new job for the summer and found out I have to dress professional/business casual. The first thing that comes to mind is a woman working in an office. Which I thought was so not me. So I went through social media to find what exactly “business casual” meant. I was not okay with going out into public with absolutely none of my personal style on me at all. Fortunately, there is plenty of inspiration all over Pinterest, filled with outfit ideas that are both fashionable and professional!

My style is a mix of what is new, trendy, and my personal style (which changes pretty much all the time). So the night before my first day of work, I was scrambling through my closet to find the perfect outfit. While professional, trendy and comfortable, I was sporting an amazing style. Black “fun pants” as I call them, which had white and deep maroon stripes down the legs, a black blazer, and a loose white undershirt. I decided to tie the front of it and add a special pop to my style. To complete my look, I paired this outfit with my black lace up flats, and a black reversible tote!

Let’s keep in mind that not one piece of this outfit was part of my everyday wardrobe. I was taking a huge step out of my comfort zone to wear this in public. While away at school, I realized everything that I wear does not have to be “normal”. Fashion is forever changing leaving absolutely nothing a typical style or a normal one for that matter. I’m telling you this because even though this outfit was completely out of my comfort zone, I wore it. And guess what? I got complimented! A little bit goes a long way, giving me the confidence to show up at work the next day with another “out-of-the-box” outfit.

Needless to say that you absolutely do not have to go out of your box to find a business casual or professional outfit—whatever you have may work just great! However, this just happened to work for me, and I mean business when I say, “let’s find that perfect professional outfit” no matter how far or a reach it may be from your comfort zone!

What styles are you sporting that may be out of your box? Show us on social media and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista!