Bohemian Babe

I always stay true to my inner flower child and pick fringe, earth tones, and lace over any other style. The bohemian style never fails during any season, making it a go-to style for any event. In almost any store you can find a section with fringe, natural tones, and gold or turquoise accents. Floral crowns, studded belts, and tie-dyed dresses have certainly been modernized since the ’60s.

For me personally, I’ve found it’s trickier to pull off this look in the winter time. Most of the fabrics used are summer based. Considering the summer season has kicked in, I can finally show off my favorite style and discuss my love for neutrals and oversize circle glasses.

In this featured outfit, I’m wearing a faded pink daytime dress with butterfly sleeves. Considering how loose they are, I find these sleeves perfect for summer days. Lately, gold and turquoise accents have also been catching my eye. Turquoise goes with almost anything in my wardrobe, since my style consists of neutral colors. The turquoise jewelry and faded pink tone contrast each other. The black sun hat gives the entire outfit a summer statement.

Finishing off my look, I paired it all with brown leather wedges. This adds a more dress-up look to the outfit. Since it’s officially summer, I opted for the oversize sunglasses to add a ’60s vibe. I simply can’t get enough of round oversize sunglasses! You can catch me sporting them all summer long.

I hope you all learned more about the bohemian style from me, and got some inspiration from my favorite summer look.

How do you rock the bohemian ’60s look this summer season? Do you dress it up or go causal? Are oversize glasses your best friend this summer? Show off your inner flower child on social media or on your personal blog, and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!