These Back-to-School Starter Packs Have Everything You Need to Stay On Top of Your Game This Semester

July 16th, 2018 at 12:26pm
Best Planners for College

With the start of a new semester comes the joy of stocking up on all the shiny new school supplies—including that gorgeous planner you never open after the first week of classes. Sadly, many back-to-school items don’t even make it past the initial desk setup Instagram shot. Staying organized can be challenging, but if your stationery is pretty enough, it’ll seem more like dessert than a chore. Here are some of the best organizational accessories and school supplies to keep you focused on your goals and stay on top of your game all semester long.

Best Planners for College

For the Go-Getter

To be a go-getter means to exude #BossLady energy. If you have your career path planned out all the way to retirement, then these picks are for you. Keep slaying the game with these swank stationery items by your side this semester.

  • Get It Together Pencil Pouch ($14): This leatherette pencil case features gorgeous gold hardware and metallic gold lining. Get it together, and do it with some flair.
  • kikki.K 10-Year Plan Journal ($30): If you want to reach that dream of being the CEO of your own company in 10 years, you’ll need a planner that can keep up. This journal will help break down your goals into smaller, achievable parts.
  • Kate Spade Make Mine a Double Thermal Mug ($18):  Behind every successful person is a stylish to-go mug, like this one by Kate Spade. Send a message to your barista without saying a word.
  • CB2 Brushed Gold Dry Erase Magnetic Dry Erase Board ($40): Accomplishment occurs at the intersection of inspiration and organization. Use this gilded iron dry erase board to post photos, notes, or whatever gets you to work.
  • Target Padfolio Samsill Black ($8): Go-Getter Rule #1: Never go anywhere without résumé copies. Keep your notes of the day and your important docs in the same place with this sleek padfolio.

Best Planners for College

For the Unmotivated Student

The best motivation to get stuff done is a desk glittering with new accessories. If you’re in a slump, these items will keep you on task (and on trend). Remember: stay on your grind.

  • Paper Source Productivity Planner ($25): Designed based on proven productivity principles throughout history, this planner was made to help you kick procrastination to the curb. It’s non-dated, so you can take charge of your agenda and save pages while you’re at it.
  • Rifle Paper Co. Let’s Do This Notepad ($8): Feeling low on energy? Let this notepad give you the extra oomph you need to start your to-do list.
  • Rettel Small Talk Grey Letter Board ($40): Bring your “Inspiration” Pinterest board to life. Leave yourself reminders, motivational messages, or maybe just your favorite Dolly Parton quote.
  • Yoobi No. 2 Pencils Round, 8 Pack – Pastel Phrase ($3): Not only are these pencils super colorful, but they’re also encouraging. Bonus: for every Yoobi item you purchase, another item will be donated to a classroom in need in the U.S.
  • Rose Parade Tape Set ($12): A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Or, adorning everything with washi tape makes work more fun.

Best Planners for College

For the Perpetually Disorganized Student

If you’d probably lose your head if it wasn’t screwed on tight, don’t sweat it. We’ve got just the things to help you get your life together this semester.  After all, you’re the kind of person organizational tools were made for.

  • Paper Source Unicorn Homework Locker Kit ($25): For those days when you accidentally walk out of the house without deodorant. This locker kit has anything you could possibly forget at home (and we mean everything).
  • 13-Month Planner (20): What’s the best solution to disorganization? A good-looking planner, duh. Swipe’s most popular planner to keep yourself on track this semester.
  • Lund London Flash Tidy Acrylic Filing Rack ($52): Upgrade your simple filing folder to a snazzy filing rack. Throw important documents in here, magazine pages that inspire you, or whatever suits your fancy.
  • Anthropologie Ledger Desk Set ($20): Tidy up all that desk clutter with the Swiss Army Knife of desk organizers. This one includes push pins, binder clips, paper clips, and 200 sticky notes.
  • uCOLOR Phone Card Holder ($10): Minimize the risk of leaving your phone or wallet at home with this compact phone wallet. Its lovely rainbow swirl pattern means you won’t have to trade style for substance, either.

Best Planners for College

For the Minimalist Student

Sometimes, less is more. Check these sleek supplies if you have an eye for simplicity.

  • Craft Design Technology Box of Pencils ($5): Who said minimalism means you can’t have pops of color? Keep it cool this semester with these mint green pencils.
  • Anthropologie Maude Calendar Dry Erase Board ($20): If your desk accessories don’t match your grid aesthetic, then what’s the point? Plan your month out on this calendar, erase it, and do it all over again.
  • Gem and Bara 2018-2019 Academic Planner ($48): This adorable blush planner is pure and simple on the outside, but loaded with useful organizational tools on the inside. Fill this planner with recipes, budget tracking, monthly reflections, and even your professors’ office hours (so you don’t have to download the syllabus for the hundredth time).
  • Paper Source Leatherette Pencil Pouch ($17): You know when your professor says, “Write this down,” and you start rummaging at the bottom of your bag for a pen? Yeah. Treat yo’ self to a cute pencil pouch to keep everything together this semester.
  • CB2 Grid Brass Magazine Rack ($30): Keep the clutter off your desk with this smart brass magazine rack. Use it for mail and important documents…or your growing September issue collection. Either is fine.

Best Planners for College

For the Always-Polished Student

Heads turn when they hear your high heels clicking down the hallway. Your outfit matches your phone case, which matches your room decor. You’re flawless by all accounts, so don’t get caught slipping on your stationery game.

  • Kate Spade Tortoise File Folders ($17): Tortoiseshell isn’t just for glasses anymore. Organize your loose papers in style with these chic file folders.
  • American Eagle Rose Gold Stapler ($13): Rose gold: it’s a staple (literally) of the modern woman. Extend the trend to your school supplies with this rosy stapler.
  • Kate Spade Stripe Universal Laptop Sleeve (85): Nothing says “I’ve got this” like Kate Spade’s classic stripe design. Protect that laptop—you’re going to need it to conquer the world.
  • Anthropologie Bronzed To-Do Board ($15): This isn’t your average sticky note pad or dry erase board. Remind yourself of the day’s activities using this mod, angled to-do board.
  • Fringe Studio Mila 2018-2019 Planner ($30): You need a planner that shines as bright as your future. This one includes a supple hardcover, tab dividers, goal setting check-ins, and a folder pocket.

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