BEAUTY BAR: Wraps Aren't Just For Burritos

These days, women all around the world are embracing their cultures and heritages and finding the beauty in everything about them. Despite the oppression of cultures at some point in America, the use of certain beauty techniques from the world is still being widely used. It takes guts and individuality to work these things and give some flavor to them all. Cue in the beautiful African head wraps, which had originated during the slavery period in America. This Fashionista does an exceptional job, and could even be a beautiful India.Arie copy!

Even though head wraps have been around for decades, it hasn’t been until recent years that the young African American woman has embraced this beauty and hair technique. This Fashionista has successfully mastered the technique and has even put her own to twist to it—literally! The Fashionista was giving us major beauty with the wine red head wrap she had worn. Looking like a melanin queen, she sure knew how to rock the look!

It’s important that her outfit goes well with the wrap, and it does since the rest of the outfit is pretty muted, yet chic and stylish! The Fashionista decided to go with a long duster denim shirt that is just to die for. The denim top complements the wrap and draws you more to the key point as such. To match the more simplistic theme, the Fashionista wore a pair of fantastic black ripped jeans that will look well any time. You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans that look like they have been hiding away in Courtney Love’s closet, am I right? The Fashionista also wore a basic top to keep the flow of simplicity going throughout the look.

The Fashionista wore some amazing pink Mary Jane Dr. Martens! They added a bit of pizazz to the look and offset the serious feel of the look. As well, her frilly socks are just the cutest! The Fashionista also wore some cool shades and a silver choker to give more of the African beauty feel with her wrap.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? It’s essential to get a wrap that covers your head and focuses more on complementing your beauty while highlighting the art of a head wrap! I would suggest getting a beautiful head wrap here! Show your beauty, show the real you!