The summer has finally begun and that means more fun makeup trends are hitting the streets better then ever. This Fashionista is looking cool and collected while wearing foundation for her face, different shades of eye shadow, nude pink lipstick and her black winged eyeliner.

Wearing makeup in the summer time is a matter of finding the right shade for your skin so that you look natural as possible. This Fashionista is wearing a neutral base color, nude bronzer and creamy foundation to match her skin tone. This will give her a fresh and healthy glow this summer. She is also wearing black mascara to extenuate her long dark lashes. Her five different shades of eye shadow include Red Apple Cosmetic’s Iced Mocha, Like You Latte, Yes You Canyon, Porcelain and Butter Cream to give it a clean and shimmery look. This technique enhances her brown eyes. This Fashionista is wearing nude pink lipstick to complete her simple summer look.

The most striking element of this Fashionista’s look is her black wing eyeliner. She really has the skill for applying eyeliner because it comes off as the right amount on the corner of her eyes to finish this eye-catching look. It makes the look more dramatic but fun for a hot summer outing. Her striped shirt and her ripped white jeans complements her eyeliner look. This exciting look makes her ready to take on the summer heat. Her two necklaces, brown clutch and her brown sandals tie the whole look together making her look stylish from top to bottom.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you will need to get three simple items for your face. First, you will need a neutral base color to match your skin tone, then bronzer and foundation. You will also need black mascara for your lashes. For your eyelids you will need different shades of eye shadow that you prefer to put on. For your lips you will need lipstick that adds a little color but remember to keep it natural as much as possible. Most importantly, you will need black eyeliner to finish your look with a bold wing. With these tools you will walk out of the door looking beautiful and confident!