BEAUTY BAR: Wild Child

Florida humidity is a force to be reckoned with, and nine times out of 10, it wins. My go-to summer hairstyle is some sort of braid or bun (or a combination of the two) because I can not stand my hair being in my face and I am not willing to fight the humidity. This daring Fashionista accepted Mother Nature’s challenge and decided that she was going to rock her natural curls no matter what the weather had in store.

I am personally envious of this Fashionista’s voluptuous locks; although they require a lot of work, the pay off is totally worth it. Most people spend hours in front of a mirror with a curling wand trying to achieve that natural look, but this boho babe doesn’t have to think twice about achieving curly hair.

To complement her effortless hair, this Fashionista wore a flowy dress with some incredible eyelet details, minimal bracelets and tan shoes. This look is pretty bohemian, so she brings in some preppy flare with a beautiful pink statement necklace. The overall look is casual and the bright colors of the look scream summer but still let her hair stand out.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Many girls are afraid to rock their naturally curly hair (mostly because of the humidity), but you can keep your curls under control with a few simple products. All you need are some various styling gels and mousse. Dry your hair with a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer, and you are ready to go!