BEAUTY BAR: White Hot Nails

Everyone who tries to maintain well manicured nails has a love-hate relationship with their nails. On the one hand, it can be so much fun to paint and do your nails and wear them as the perfect accessory. On the other hand, maintenance and upkeep can really be a lot. So, what are we to do? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer. What I do have is some awesome nail inspiration from this truly effervescent Fashionista.

The French manicure has always been the nail go-to for an elegant everyday look. As nail care is becoming more accessible, so are a larger variety of nail looks. Faster-drying and affordable gel nail polish makes high-quality home manicures possible. Bulk acrylic nails are affordable and look just as good as the professionally-done alternative. Intricately decorated nail polish strips are easy and ideal for someone who wants to really show off their manicure. This Fashionista doesn’t stray far from the classic French manicure with these white stiletto nails.

These nails are beautiful in themselves, but the way they go with this outfit shows true style. White is a great accessory color in that it goes with pretty much anything, especially in the summer. This otherwise all-black look is offset by the light florals sprinkled over her kimono, which is complemented by her white hot nails and sunglasses. The final result is a cohesive and spectacular look that made this Fashionista stand out in a busy sidewalk.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: There’s a simple way to get perfect white stiletto nails like these: acrylic fakes. Paint over them as you please or add additional decorations, like nail studs, to spice them up.