BEAUTY BAR: Weaving Culture Into Style

Nothing makes you sweat more than hair laying down your back on a hot summer day. Hair seems to attract more heat to our bodies and it usually frizzes up in the humidity. What’s a summer hair alternative? Braids are probably the best style for a cool, yet trendy look for the summer. Whether it’s a crown braid, box braids or Cherokee braids, like this Fashionista, I think we can all agree that your hair is the last thing attracting heat during a heat wave. Braids can be long and down your back; however, you have the luxury of styling them differently in cooler up-dos.

Everyone may not be able to pull off braids in the same way, but this Fashionista sure did. The Cherokee braids on this Fashionista’s temple were neatly done and braided straight back for an everyday casual look. The braids are named “Cherokee,” but her outfit had a bit of the culture weaved into it, too. Historical photographs of this culture show a lot of fringe clothing, as well as a lot of dresses or skirts. Cherokee women are never pictured in pants and this Fashionista took the name of her braids to another level.

She is wearing a simple denim shirtdress and she has very minimal accessories. The brown tones throughout this look are what especially remind me of the Cherokee culture. The Fashionista’s hair has a mixture of brown and black, her sandals are chestnut brown and she is sporting a dark brown Longchamp bag.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This cool and refreshing style can be recreated easily either on your own or in a stylist’s chair. First off, you will have to purchase synthetic hair for the additional hair added. Synthetic hair can be found at any beauty supply store for a low price. Make sure that you keep your hair and the synthetic hair oiled throughout the braiding process for a shiny and healthy look. In order to detangle the synthetic hair, grab a strong detangling comb to make the braiding process easier. There are numerous tutorials on YouTube that can guide you through the perfect head of “Cherokee” braids.