BEAUTY BAR: Ultraviolet Rays

Recently, the fashion industry and beauty industry have both been pushing for individualism and embracing the idea that the key to looking fantastic is rocking your own style. Although trends will continue being followed, straying from the mainstream path can do wonders for expressing your personal taste and this Fashionista proved it. While dark, wine colored lips have been a prevalent trend for quite some time, she was able to put her own twist on a bold lip. Rather than the usual spicy, hot tempered tones, she kicked up the notch and cooled things down with a vibrant purple lipstick. Her unique choice was unexpected amongst the sea of vampy pouts, but it’s easy to see this hue becoming a trend in the near future.

While the usual color selections for stains, glosses and lipsticks never vary far from bubblegum pinks, tulip reds and deep plums, brighter shades have begun popping up, offering people the chance to try something new. Whether it’s tangerine or even ultramarine, summer is the best time to perfect a lip that you can rock confidently. Gone are the days of ruddy tones because flashy brights are here to stay and those curious to play around with them are in luck. Depending on your outfit and accessories, it can be easy to incorporate lips that make a statement as loud as any ensemble. This Fashionista’s all-black outfit is the perfect platform for testing out edgier makeup. The monochromatic, minimalist vibe leaves room to play with all colors of the lipstick spectrum. Simplicity and boldness complement one another perfectly in this Fashionista’s combo. To make this look even better, her muddled, celadon green manicure is a perfect accent to the outfit. Purple and green are not often mixed, but with the right shades, it can be a harmonious combination.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To pull off this fun shade, a really great lip primer is essential. This helps your lipstick stay put and prevents a melty mess during the summer. A lip liner is also a good buy, this ensures flawless lines and bold definition. A pretty shade of nail polish to match your violet shade is another good investment to rock a stunning hue.