When I was studying abroad in Italy last semester, I noticed a hair trend that all the Italian girls were wearing. They were all styling their hair half up with a bun. Now the trend has made its way to here, as this Fashionista demonstrates. She models the half bun look strolling through Madison.

She pairs the trend with a casual gray T-shirt dress and Birkenstocks to stay comfortable in the summer heat we’ve been experiencing lately. With a few bliss bracelets to accessorize, she keeps the outfit simple. She shows how you can really wear the hair for any situation. Whether you are just walking around town or getting ready for a night out at the bars, the top knot is the way to go. Just like your typical bun, you can either go with the messy look or a more styled ballerina bun look depending on the occasion.

Why does this look work? It takes a classic style and makes it more fun. Put your ballerina buns away for the summer and try out the half bun trend.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? This look is pretty simple to do. Depending on the look you are going for determines how you make the bun. Make a messy bun for a more casual, effortless look or twirl the hair into a ballerina bun for a styled look. Have bangs? Either pin them back to keep them off of your face or style them in the front to make the look even more trendy.