BEAUTY BAR: To Braid or Not To Braid

With summer months come summer hairstyles. We know the usual—beachy waves, high ponies, messy buns, etc. This Fashionista is rocking the summer hairstyle of laid back braids. Creating a mixture of the Dutch Braid on top and a Fishtail on bottom, you get a fun edgy look that can spice up any outfit.

Feel like braids make your forehead look huge and you look like a middle-school kid with pigtails? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. The trick to avoid these haunting associations and to kick up your comfort level with wearing braids is simple: make them laid back. Don’t want all of your hair pulled back? Leave either your front bangs or a couple wispies out of the braid. Then to make the style look more relaxed, after braiding the hair tightly use your fingers to pull out the hair on either side of the braid from top to bottom. By pulling out the hair a little, it gives volume and thickness to your braids, something that is crucial for those with thin hair. Here’s an easy Youtube tutorial on how to do it!

Also, never just stick to one braid. There are so many awesome different options for braids, so try something new! Since it is summer and the weather is always hot, braids let your neck breathe and you sweat less. Feel like a full top to bottom braid is too much? Then just braid the top of your hair or certain sections for a cool partial braided look. Or do something like this Fashionista and mix two different types of braids in one hairstyle—the possibilities are endless.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? The key to this look is not to overdo the makeup because you’re already bringing focus to the hair. Apply sufficient foundation for even and light coverage to achieve a natural complexion. Add soft eyeshadow colors to your eyes for a gentle look. Apply your favorite mascara to make your eyelashes pop. Grab a comb, some tiny hair ties, hairspray, and your computer with a youtube tutorial. Decide the look you’re going for and start braiding away!