BEAUTY BAR: The Summer Light

Summer is all about light, airy clothes; so why not apply the same to your beauty routine? Humidity is common here in Ohio, which can cause your skin to become clammy all over. Keeping your hair and makeup simple and clean this summer is a great way to look great while staying comfortable.

This Fashionista’s outfit is simple and casual, but her hair and makeup are “on point”. The infamous half up hair-do is back on-trend and everybody is trying it out. Typically seeing a half up bun, this Fashionista caught my eye with a basic half up pony tail, and isn’t her hair color to dye for? Volume and textured hair are what make this hairstyle one of my favorites. It can be worn casually like so, or more polished for your next meeting. A traditional bun or a slicked up bun isn’t for all of us.

Sweating is inevitable, even though we all hate to admit that we do it. What’s worse than sweating? Sweating off your makeup that took you well over a half an hour to do. When it comes to makeup this summer, keep it powdery and light. Caking on liquid foundation and heavy concealers is a no no. When you start to get “clammy” those heavy makeup products start to move and create an effect that nobody would want. I get it, we all have blemishes and spots on our faces that need a little extra attention, but like I said, we all have them. Caking on makeup to hide your skin will only cause more blemishes to pop up. Allow your skin to breathe and stick to most powdered makeup. Applying a few dabs of correcting powder to your blemishes, followed by powder foundation and a hint of bronzer will give a natural and clean look while muting the blemishes. When it comes to your eyes, the same applies. Eyeshadow isn’t a necessity anymore. Keep it cool by sticking to mascara and a swipe or two of eyeliner. One of my favorite little tips: apply a thin layer of baby powder to your face before your normal makeup. Baby powder is designed to absorb moisture and it will do the same for those unavoidable sweaty moments.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Kick things off with a light powder foundation, then move to a shimmery bronzer, and polish it off with a little bit of mascara. Also, don’t forget to pencil in those “on fleek” eyebrows!