BEAUTY BAR: The Middle

I consider my hair to be like the cherry on top of ice cream, red and the finishing touch to something sweet. I like to treat my hair like an accessory, something that makes the outfit stand out. Before I was the “just a trim, please” type, always afraid to change it up, but lately I’ve been throwing out the saying “yolo” because after all hair grows. Aside from length, I like to think I’ve done my fair share of curling, straightening, braids, headbands, etc. But this season, the middle part is hogging the spotlight. I’ve tried the look and go back and fourth on whether I should take it for a test drive but unlike this chicken, yours truly, this Fashionista is rocking her hair!

Finding fun ways to work with hair is hard in the heat but when you’re tired of ponytails and high buns, I’d suggest trying out this statement. I’m a personal fan of the middle part because it just lets your hair be. Speaking for the side part crowd, we all get annoyed of running our fingers through our hair in hopes that it will stay out of our face for at most a minute. I’m constantly flopping it from one side to the next or forcing it behind my ears and boy is it a hassle. This is why I bow down to the oh so glorious middle part. Straighten it and tuck it behind your ears, letting it fall in loose waves or braiding pieces for a boho look are all fun styles to conquer. I like how this Fashionista keeps her hair straight. Her entire look is fun and relaxed with some denim shorts and a graphic T-shirt to top it off.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To get this flawless Fashionista’s look, you need a comb. Sounds simple, huh? Well, it is! This look works best when your hair is wet if the middle isn’t your natural part. Take the comb and draw a line through the middle of your forehead. It doesn’t need to be directly in the middle nor to the very back of your head. Play around with it and have some fun styling, happy parting!