BEAUTY BAR: The Mane Attraction

July 24th, 2015 at 2:10am

I find my hair to be extremely annoying. I was born with very thick, wavy hair that was a boring brown color and I never fully understood how to straighten my hair correctly until I was in high school. My hair doesn’t stay straight unless it’s 40 degrees or below and I absolutely have to wash it once a day or else it becomes a greasy mess.

However, I’ve recently really grown fond of shorter hairstyles for women and the easy ability to maintain a shorter haircut. You cannot go wrong with a short do: it keeps you cooler in the sticky summers, it’s easier to wash and keeping it short is ultimately a solution to keep it healthy.

I was amazed when this Fashionista told me her hair is naturally curly! Her straight hair was holding up well in the Chicago humidity and looked completely natural to me. She said having it shorter makes it easier to stay straight, which also adds to my long list of why I love short hair on women.

I think this Fashionista pulled off the blonde highlights really well. Her natural, darker brown hair looks awesome with the lighter highlights that emphasize her high cheekbones. I really like how she styled her hair by pinning a couple pieces of hair back out of her face. It’s a really casual look that’s really fun for the summer!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Make sure to use a good heat protecting spray so the heat doesn’t damage your hair. Get a good bottle of hairspray to keep your locks intact during the summer heat and you’re all set!