BEAUTY BAR: The Girl Makes the Dress

My mother’s token advice when it comes to clothes: “The dress doesn’t make the girl; the girl makes the dress.” And she’s absolutely right. A true Fashionista knows that fashion is more than the perfect summer dress or those strappy flats that miraculously go with almost every outfit in her closet. Fashion doesn’t stop at your hemline. The best way to be the girl that makes the dress? Makeup.

Winged eyeliner, voluminous lashes, blue eyeshadow, red lips—no matter what your style is, there’s a makeup trend out there for you. This Fashionista has a fierce style and she shows that off not only in her outfit but in her crimson lips. Red lips are bold and beautiful. They captivate and they don’t apologize for it.

But for every bit of beauty red lips offer, they also require a little extra attention to detail. For bold trends like this, keep the rest of your makeup regime simple and understated. If you add too many facial focal points, they will fight for attention and as is the case with most wars, the result will not be pretty. And I mean that figuratively and literally.

This Fashionista balances her look by keeping her eye makeup a simple yet defined, black. She frames her face with full and shaped eyebrows. Sometimes us Fashionistas might overlook our brows. Sure, we may pluck a few stray hairs every now and then but we fail to realize what a good pair of eyebrows can do for our face. They accent our eyes and frame our face. A good eyebrow raise can sometimes convey more than words ever could.

With her red lips and full eyebrows, this Fashionista certainly makes the dress. She chooses a printed sundress with a red and green tribal design. The red in the dress beautifully accents her crimson lips. She knows that with her dress’ pattern, it’s best to keep the rest of her outfit simple. She does this by completing her look with a pair of neutral strappy sandals.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Not all red lipsticks are created equal. If you’re willing to splurge a little bit on a high end lipstick, check out MAC’s ‘Viva Glam’ Lipstick or Clinique’s Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Cherry Pop. If you’re looking for a cheaper option to test out the look, drugstore brands like COVERGIRL or Maybelline can still be excellent and cost-effective. For full eyebrows, try Maybelline’s Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara to fill in any missing hairs and help your eyebrows reach their bold potential.