BEAUTY BAR: The Cool Gray Color

We tend to limit ourselves to certain hair colors in order to be safe: brown, blonde, black or red. And we often forget the other hues of potential. A new potential color choice is gray. When people see a gray hair, they correspond it with old age. However, recently young adults have been revamping the gray hair color with their personal style. Celebrities like Adam Lambert, Rihanna and Hillary Duff took their hair to the next level with gray shades. Thanks to the daring Fashionista/os, the color gray has been redeemed to its true potential.

I came across this Fashionista at Café 78 in midtown Detroit, and her iced blue/gray hair blew me away. Different shades of gray are divided up by light, medium and dark. This Fashionista had a light gray color with a blue tone. My friends, there are so many shades of gray that the limit probably doesn’t exist. Not only does her gray color rock but her dark roots are wondrous. Just like the ombre style, dark roots with light ends creates a beautiful contrast that we all love.

Let’s not forget her simplistic makeup. This Fashionista’s makeup has a minimalistic winged eyeliner style with a touch of mascara to execute. If you are impatient like me when it comes to makeup, this style will definitely work for you. To finish off this look, add a touch of color of your choice to your lips.

Lastly, how could we not love this Fashionista’s vivid blue tie-dyed tank top and sleek black pants? Her tank top was purchased at Forever 21 and her pants from a thrift store. She shares her love of exploring different thrift stores in different cities. She even admitted she found a pair of brand new Margiela boots for a righteous low price.

What’s the BEAUTY BAR? For a major change, get the daring gray look like this Fashionista did. For a minor change, you could get radical streaks or a gray ombre style. Remember, there are different shades of gray you can choose from. When you are ready for the color change, contact your main hair stylist to get it done.