BEAUTY BAR: The Bold Lip

Creating my outfit everyday is definitely my favorite task of the day, next to eating, of course! Depending on the occasion, I always try to play with colors and textures in order to match pieces that complement each other. Let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s easy; sometimes it’s not. Lucky for me, my love for fashion makes this task more like a fun game instead of a chore.

What is the one thing you cannot leave your house without? If you ask me, I would say a bag and, most importantly, lipstick. I believe that a bold-colored lipstick, depending on the outfit, can be the one thing that ties the whole outfit together. Of course, choosing a lipstick that flatters your skin color and complements your outfit is crucial. Also, the right shade can certainly make a look more polished.

My love for wearing lipstick came recently, and it has become one of my everyday essentials. When I looked at this Fashionista, I was immediately awestruck by her choice of colors, pieces and, undoubtedly, lipstick. She decided to show off a bold burgundy lipstick that went perfectly with her blue, printed pants, her pink blouse and her black Michael Kors bag. It is an impeccable look, perfect for running errands or going to an internship.

As you can see, the bold lip makes a nice statement and polishes the whole look completely, making it more sophisticated and chic. Furthermore, I think this Fashionista is looking fierce with her choice of lipstick and owns her look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: If you want something to really tie your whole look together and give it a bold touch, a relatively dark lipstick will do the trick. As someone who was accustomed to going out with a bare lip almost all the time, my advice to you is to not be afraid to style that bold lip that you want. Everything you do is a risk, but this is one that is worth taking.