BEAUTY BAR: That's A Wrap

Working at a local coffee-shop this summer has taught me three things: how to pull a mean espresso shot, how to have patience with the most impatient people and up-dos. Waking up at 5:45 a.m. just may have some perks after all.

So the alarm goes off, you snooze it a couple times and before you know it you’re running late for work. I was so tired of throwing my hair into messy bun after messy bun, when I saw my fellow barista pulling off this look the other day. It’s honestly easier than getting that perfect top-knot, and looks super chic. This look can be done with either wet or dry hair, making mornings with showers quicker. Don’t have time for that shower at all? Not a problem. Unruly hair can be better for up-dos because they have some grip, unlike smooth straight hair.

Short, long or crazy curly hair can all recreate this look as well. For those with frizzy curls, apply a small amount of mouse or daily product before. Like this Fashionista did, start with your favorite hair wrap—it can be thick, think, printed, neutral or whatever you want. Simply slide it on from the top of your head to the hair line in the front and the crest of your head in the back, still covering your hair. Now it’s time to wrap and tuck. Starting at the sides and working back, take your luscious locks and flip them up and into the bottom of your hair wrap. Feel free to wrap as light or as tight as you’d like, both can create different shapes so experiment and find the right fit for you. For stubborn hair, slide a couple bobby-pins in. Voila! Go show off your bohemian goddess self.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Start with a floral hair wrap, or any design will do. Next, apply a light amount of mousse (if desired for curls). Finally, you’ll need bobby-pins (for the pieces of hair that don’t follow rules).