BEAUTY BAR: Temporary Teal

As we slowly roll into winter weather, it becomes harder and harder to find comfy yet stylish looks that minimize bulk. Since it’s still warm enough in New York to go coat-free, layers are an important technique to keep away any chill. A black tank or tee under a flannel is a simple yet foolproof way to stay on-trend. Pair them with black leggings, thick wool socks and worn combat boots, and you have a simple, classic look that’s perfect for class, shopping or just hanging out with friends. Dress it up by finding a flannel with a graphic print and adding wrist-wear and rings in complementary metallics.

Then again, don’t be fooled; it’s not the accessories that make this look, but the hair and make-up. Winter is the perfect time to go bold by dyeing your hair—it becomes an instant statement piece and major talking point of your outfit when everything else is lost under heavy jackets. Classic ombré has been around since the early 2010s, and it’s still in style. However, this Fashionista isn’t afraid to update it with a colored twist, showing major hair flair.  Pairing the teal locks with a plum lip is a perfect triadic color scheme against bronzed cheeks, expertly finishing the look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Start by ombré-ing your hair and then mixing the navy and teal shades together to dye over the bleached section. Don’t be afraid to dye more hair than you think: as the color fades after a few washes your hair will blend seamlessly. Do this a few days in advance to allow time for touch-ups and to wash away any dye that could have gotten on your skin—but don’t worry, as both these dyes are vegan, and paraben- and ammonia-free. To create this illuminated, bronzy-blush look, mix the pigments of this bronzer over the apples of your cheeks and blend out. Next, get a subtle winged eye using this liquid eyeliner. Finally, finish the look with this plum lipstick, for an edgier version of this season’s classic red.