BEAUTY BAR: Temporary Permanence

Evidence of the existence of tattoos goes back to the Neolithic period. It was only recently in our society that they became more accepted and even revered. Whereas once it was mostly hardened criminals and those in the military who donned them, it seems literally everyone and their mother now has some sort of ink.

Reasons for tattoos range from deep meaning and representation to the spontaneous recreation of what you drew on a napkin. However, the appeal of tattoos is still not there for everyone. Because there’s that thing about tattoos—they’re super permanent. Although I am personally a huge proponent for tattoos if you decide you want them, there are times when I wish to be completely covered, and times when I step back and think, “Whoa, I’m way too poor for all that.”

The solution to such a predicament? Well, remember going to parades or carnivals as a kid and coming back covered in temporary tattoos that your mom is not so happy she has to scrub off your face before school the next day? They’re back with the grown up edition, and they’re seriously awesome. This Fashionista gets a little off beat showing off the Crazy Eyes set on her hands and the Flesh Tone set on her shoulder.

Already maxed out on cool in an all-black outfit complete with circle sunnies and a black felt hat, the added bonus of some sweet temporary tattoos gives her an additional “wow” factor. You know what I’m talking about—that person you see on the street and just know they’re fabulous.

With a huge variety of options for the Doctor Who nerd in you to the classic tattoo rebel or Rihanna-inspired beach babe, there’s something that anyone will want tattooed on them—at least temporarily. What’s the best part? They’re super inexpensive and look awesome for as long as they’re intact.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To get this look, find your inner tattooed goddess and place the temporary tattoo on your skin. Slap a damp washcloth on and hold it there for about 20 seconds. Peel off the paper and you’ve got a kickin’ tattoo without the problem of permanence.