BEAUTY BAR: Teal Tones

Ever want to do something new and exciting with your hair but never have the guts to do it? I don’t know about you, but this is the story of my life. Dying your hair different colors and cutting it cool and trendy ways has always been a struggle for me. My hair doesn’t grow very fast and I’ve always been nervous to do something adventurous with it. In light of this issue, I took to the streets of downtown Phoenix in search for some bold hairstyles for inspiration!

This Fashionista rocks a killer up-do! She highlights her naturally red hair with some teal-toned waves making for some pretty bold hair if you ask me. She wears a gray top, denim zipper vest and denim shorts adding neutral components to her look. She accessorizes with some fun animal print shades and brown sandals. Although her outfit is oh so stylish, you just can’t look away from her amazing hair. This Fashionista knows just how to pull off a bold hairstyle! 

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look you need freshly washed and dry hair, a jar of Manic Panic Voodoo Blue hair dye, a blow dryer, a curling iron and some hairspray. The process of dying the hair is separate from styling but when combined shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. Follow the directions on the hair dye packaging and once the coloring is complete, blow-dry hair once more. Curl ends of hair and finish with a bit of hairspray. Shake it out a bit so you get looser waves. Now that you have these vivid teal locks, get ready to see some heads turning!