BEAUTY BAR: Surfer Strands

July 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

If I haven’t made it clear in any of my other posts, summer is by far my favorite season. While actual summer never turns out to be as relaxed or exciting as we expect it to be, it still holds a special place in my heart. Being out in the sun all day can become exhausting and take a lot of energy out of a person, so it is important to know how to wear your hair to match the relaxed nature of the season. And what better way than to copy the effortless surfer look?

There is almost nothing easier in the terms of hair to accomplish than the beachy wave, which is why it is becoming an increasingly popular trend amongst models and celebrities alike. It’s a trend that, in my opinion, will be around forever for its simplicity and adaptability to any outfit. This Fashionista demonstrates how much her tousled waves add to her plain white crop top and ripped boyfriend jeans. It gives off a natural and easy daytime look while managing to still come across as put together. Since beach waves give off the whole “au naturel” appeal, no to light makeup works perfectly with them. Which of course is another plus during these hot summer months.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Beach waves can be done on any hairstyle. For those of us with naturally curly locks, a good anti-frizz spray can be applied to damp hair and simply thrown in a bun to dry and untangle later. For those with already wavy hair, a good beach spray works excellent to make them even more bouncy. Lastly, for those with straighter strands, apply the same beach spray while hair is still damp and scrunch. Once the hair has air dried, take larger chunks and curl around a non-clasping curler to achieve a more natural look.