BEAUTY BAR: Suns Out, Buns Out

We strive to look hot in the summer while staying cool. What better way than an updo? Instead of the traditional styles like a ponytail or braid, try something new! A big bun centered on top of your head makes for a pretty way to keep hair secure and out of the way or try something a little funky! Be creative and experiment with different positions for hair buns.

This Fashionista was unique style with a row of two small messy buns down the center of her head. The way she pulled her lovely locks back showed off her highlights and emphasized her hair overall. This style was especially successful thanks to her shoulder length haircut. Another noteworthy feature of this Fashionista’s look was her makeup. Thick eyeliner and mascara draws attention to her vibrant blue eyes while dust a light, natural shadow on the eyes contrasts with the dark liner. A relatively simple outfit also keeps the focus on her face as a simple maxi dress can be chic yet comfortable. Try something different by tying a knot at the bottom of your dress. This helps show off your shoes and adds an extra touch to your look.  By accessorizing with a wrap belt for extra flair this Fashionista also added some large, bold earrings which contributed to the emphasis on her upper body.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Create this look by making two messy buns with hair elastics. Use spray as necessary to create a bump for volume and keep eyeshadow light, but accentuate lashes with a thick mascara.