BEAUTY BAR: Suns Out, Buns Out

I don’t know about you, but summer is my time to let my hair run wild and free. For those three months of sun and relaxation, I try to use my curling iron, straightening iron and blow dryer as sparingly as possible. Unfortunately, with the humidity lurking around, my hair does not tend to agree with my plan and rebels by becoming fluffy and frizzy, and that’s just not cute. But don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to beat the summer heat and achieve the perfect hairstyle without subjecting to your toxic heat tools. I promise you will get through these hard, agonizing times of summer and emerge with hair that is healthier than ever, and I have just the hairstyle that can help you. Say hello to the half-up top knot.

My favorite thing about the half-up top knot is that it can be fashioned in a matter of seconds, and it still looks rather trendy and charming. This Fashionista sports the half-up top knot along with a carefree, laid back outfit that reflects the attitude of her hairstyle. She works a perfect fitting pair of high-waisted mom jeans along with a light and loose blue tank top, which she pairs with a white bralette underneath. She completes the look with the perfect accessories, choosing a pair of strappy chestnut sandals and a multitude of layered necklaces and chokers that give an edge to the outfit. The casualness of this ensemble complements her natural and fun messy bun and provides an excellent example of how you can achieve a cute summer hairstyle without the use of any damaging heat tools.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? This look is extremely easy to recreate. All you really need is a hair tie. You could probably even get away with not brushing your hair at all if you’re really feeling that lazy, but I hope that you at least have the strength to do that. First things first—you want to gather the top half of your hair in one hand. There are a few different ways you can go about creating the bun. One way is to twist the hair first and then wrap it around itself to create a neat little top knot that you then secure with a hair tie. Another way (and my personal favorite) is to just scrunch your hair in a messy ball and secure it with the hair tie, which makes your hair look a little more undone and gives your style a more summery vibe. You can do the half-up top knot with short, long, wavy or straight hair. Take this look to the beach, on a hike or even on a date. Either way, you’ll have people turning heads and wondering how you manage to look so effortlessly gorgeous even in the ruthless summer heat.