BEAUTY BAR: Sun-Kissed

June 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

I was by no means a beach babe when I was younger. Neither one of my parents really enjoyed the beach so I think that that trickled down to us kids over the years. My dad hates sand so much in fact, that he is the sneakers AND socks type on the beach….that dreaded person. So to make up for all of the lost years I could have spent on the beach, soaking up that sun-kissed glow, I have learned to achieve that same exact look through makeup. And let me just tell you, it is so much better and on top of that, your skin will thank you for it in about 30 years.

The sun-kissed look is sweeping the nation—literally taking over. And for good reason. It is so incredibly natural looking, and you seriously are glowing. It is an easy look to achieve with little products. Really all you absolutely have to have is a bomb highlighter like this Fashionista, Taylor. Makeup companies are cranking highlighters out because it involves such little product, and your face doesn’t get that ‘cake-y’ look. It also gives your face a chance to breathe if you are a religious makeup wearer, and hey, there is not a thing wrong with that. Another aspect of the sun-kissed look that is taking over the world is the tousled, beach waves. In other words, a slightly more put together bed head. Taylor nailed the tousled look by implementing her natural hair with a hint of texturizing spray to really boost the wave. You go girl with that natural look!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve the perfect sun-kissed look minus the actual sun, you will need four main products: A light foundation, bronzer, highlighter and mascara. The key to the sun-kissed look is less contour and more pop. So highlighting the cheekbones, top of the nose, tip of the nose, cupid’s bow and your chin will cause these areas to stand out and really give you that natural, dewy skin. Mascara is an essential in any makeup regime. If you are really wanting that ‘fresh out of the ocean’ look, using a hydrating mist over the final makeup look will give you even more of a dewy look. To get those ever so sought after tousled waves, you will need a wand. Any kind, no bias here. Wrapping your hair around the wand while leaving out a good portion of the ends will give you the perfect wave. Holding the hair on the wand for less than five seconds for thinner hair and less than ten for thicker. If not, stopping after the thickening spray is perfectly okay. These two looks go hand in hand but can also be done with other options! What is your favorite summer time look?!