BEAUTY BAR: Summertime Fine

As the summer begins to finally heat up, Fashionistas find new ways to still look cute and comfortable when being outside. Putting on makeup in the summer is always dreadful for me. I know it’s just going to melt off within a matter of seconds of walking out the door. Oh, and as for my hair, it’s a frizz fest! Finding new ways to maintain the perfect hair and makeup can be a challenge. This Fashionista found a way to keep her makeup light and hair perfectly maintained for the heat!

I always like to have my hair done before I even start to get ready, but when it’s summertime, my hair is always in a bun. This Fashionista adds a twist to her bun by having copper-colored ombre hair. Light hair is always in for the summer. Stars such as Rihanna and Ciara have rocked similar ombre styles like this Fashionista. Natural-toned makeup is always a must for the summer. This Fashionista’s outfit gives her plenty of room to play with neutral colors. The pop of pink and purple in her shirt also lets this Fashionista add a little bit of color to her makeup. Maroon-colored lipstick is just the right amount of color to bounce off the neutral tones of her makeup.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? In order to get this Fashionista’s look, you will need matte maroon lipstick and light bronzer to get a semi-tanned skin color. A high, loose bun is suitable for the warm weather and is always fashionable!